About Us

Informative news around Bali and neighbouring islands dedicated to long-stay travellers, business makers and job seekers.

Bali News is a culture and travel magazine, highlighting Bali and neighbouring islands. The magazine features our passion for culture, nature’s beauty and arts in Bali. Our focus is creating original content based on what the readers want to read, rather than the advertising clients.

Bali News will be the go-to magazine for business travellers, families on holiday, as well as locals who wish to discover more about Bali and its unique destination. We want the readers to feel as if they have gone on a great journey with us, with monthly unique experiences. We also highlight client-based businesses by providing feature articles and advertising space inside the pages of each issue.

Our Goals:

  • To discover hot spots/establishments
  • To be the recommendation for travellers
  • To generate more exposure for clients
  • In-depth explorations
  • Delivering local insights


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