If there is one place where you can get inspired by the wonderful culture and can relax in the exotic, peaceful nature it is on the paradise island Bali. That also makes it the perfect destination to encourage visitors to indoor and outdoor events. Before the pandemic, Bali without international tourists was unimaginable, from rich foreigners looking for the most luxurious facilities on the island to backpackers seeking adventure. Normally, various cultural events were organized in Bali throughout the year. These included music and dance festivals, events highlighting the preservation of traditions, and events for the development of art. However, because of the global pandemic and the COVID-19 restrictions made, the event industry has been kept on hold. 

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Luckily more events can be organized again during the pandemic, both online and offline. Now the only question is: how to organize an event yourself while the pandemic with the additional restrictions is still going on? 

Online or offline?

A new way of creating events during the social distancing rules are online events. With the new developments, virtual can be more real than ever. Fitness classes, virtual concerts and live streams are creative solutions to connect people. To make your online event even more realistic you could create an interactive tool. For example, a 360-degree tour creates a realistic experience and makes it possible to help get a feeling of how your event looks like. 

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But let’s be honest, we all pant for real-life social contact and feel the need to keep our digital screens away for a while. But to gather people while staying apart it needs to be planned effectively. In Bali, there are a lot of outdoor events possible. The choice of your location will depend on the type of event you wish to organize, but also on the number of people you expect. When planning an event there are many things to think about, such as logistics, comfort, regulations and in a COVID-19 world, above all, safety. Try to approach organizations that already offers all these services, like beach clubs in Bali. For example, at the beautiful Potato Head beach club or go for a Mediterranean experience at Café del Mar Beach club. It will save you a lot of time and stress when organizing the event and provide extra safety for your organization and the participants of the event.

event bali

If you feel like keeping it smaller, encourage other outdoor events, like yoga, running or hiking series in nature. With countless sandy stretches around the island, it has the perfect occasion for organizing events like a morning hike or run. Or get cosy on the beach in the afternoon with an outdoor movie night, or organize a live performance, by investing in musical artists like singer songwriters. 

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Lian Twint

Lian Twint

Lian started studying tourism management because of the many possibilities within the study. Growing up in in a small village in the Netherlands, she discovered her passion for travelling and sports at a young age. She likes exploring and learning more about different cultures and languages. New opportunities and experiences make her eager to learn more about the world. Being people's person allows her to make connections quickly. She is now travelling Bali to get inspired by the beautiful culture and online nomad scene. From writing travel blogs, she now wants to explore the writer’s world about Asian culture and tourism.

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